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RAD Tilers Primer


A waterproof primer; sealer and bonding agent to improve, adhesion strength and long-term durability of the joint between the adhesive and any surface substrate. It can be applied to gypsum plaster, old / worn concrete; sand cement screeds and render to reduce porosity, surface dusting and moisture absorption whilst improving initial tack and enabling adhesives to achieve a secure and lasting key.
Conforms to :

  • Stabilises porous surfaces
  • Improves bond to timber/vinyl surfaces
  • Reduces surface suction
  • Improves open time of adhesive
  • Used as a screed enhancing admixture

SURFACE PREPERATION – Ensure the application area is thoroughly dry and in a sound and stable condition, the surface area must be exempt from contaminants that could hinder adhesion including dust, oils and grease. All laitance and surface treatments must be withdrawn. Surfaces must be roughed up by mechanical scabbing to enhance the key. All surfaces should be clean from dust and thoroughly clean before the primer is applied. Any underfloor heating needs to be switched off more than 48 hours before and after application. When applying RAD Tiling Tilers Primer onto calcium sulphate screed the preparation following should be considered as should the preparation above. It’s very important to make sure that the calcium sulphate screed are ensured, dry and below 75%RH. These screeds are also prone to surface laitance and therefore should be mechanically abraded to remove the weak surface. APPLICATION of product should be applied using a brush or roller then scrubbed thoroughly into the surface to avoid pooling. Allow too fully dry. For multi-coats, make sure that each coat dries before you apply another coat. POROUS SUBSTRATES- RAD Tiling Tilers Primer should always be diluted before use by this ratio – 1st coat: 3 parts water/1 part primer, 2nd coat: 1 part water/1 part primer. Some subfloors may require a 3rd coat if the material is very absorbent. Under ideal drying conditions additional coats will be ready to be received after 1-2 hours. NON-POROUS SUBSTRATES – 1 coat neat. STORAGE- This product must be stored in bottles that are unopened, in an environment that is frost free out of direct sunlight. Avoid any frost. A temperature between 5*C and 25*C. SHELF LIFE- Under the storage described above this product has a shelf life of 12 months. All tiling should follow the correct British/European standard and incorporate movement joints as specified therein. All products are manufactured in a plant whose quality management system is certified/registered as being in conformity with BS EN ISO 9001.

If you would like to check availability for these items feel free to call us, we can check if our suppliers have stock/when they will be restocking. We will contact you if the tiles you have ordered are currently out of stock.

Add the essentials:

Palatina Matt 60×60
£43.19 per box
Palatina Gloss 60×60
£42.60 per box
Palatina Gold Matt 60×60
£42.60 per box
Palatina Gold Gloss 60×60
£42.60 per box
Palatina Gold Matt 30×60
£42.60 per box
Palatina Gold Gloss 30×60
£42.60 per box

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Prices do not include VAT.
  2. Wall and Floor Tiles priced as square metre are sold just in full boxes. Decors and Listellos by piece.
  3. £40+VAT will be charged for orders less than £300 ex vat. We will apply an additional cost of £15+vat for all orders addressed to a different site.
    £50+VAT per pallet for next day delivery.
  4. Price are correct at the date of publication and can be subject to change.
  5. The Buyer may return (at their own expense) complete boxes of tiles to Plus39 Warehouse within 1 calendar month of delivery. Returns won’t be accepted if the goods are not in good condition or if the shade is no longer available in our stock 25% of the value of the goods will be charged as restocking fee. Credits for returns will only be processed once the goods have arrived to Plus39, fully inspected and in a re saleable conditions.
  6. The company must be notified by email, or in writing, within a maximum of 2 working days from delivery in case of claim, shortage or damaged goods in transit.
  7. Throughout this price list may contain products that are discontinued.
  8. While the company will make every effort to delivery on the date and at the place specified it cannot accept responsibility for failure to do so.
  9. If delivery to the site cannot be made on the requested day because it is unattended, additional costs will apply.
Installation Advice
  1. Notice to Installers. The material should be carefully checked before fixing, especially tonality, calibre and choice.
  2. Claims cannot be accepted once the material is installed. The company declines all responsibility for laying without joints. 
  3. Minimum joint laying has a gap of 2mm.




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